Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is leaflet distribution service?
A: It is a service whereby we distribute your leaflet direct into the letterbox of the selected houses, shops, offices and flats. Note, we do not cover condos, factories, schools, office buildings and gated housing estates due to security restriction.

Q: What are the sizes of the leaflet that you usually distribute?
A: We usually distribute all sizes, but the prices vary for bigger sizes. All leaflets must come prefolded so that it can be inserted into the letterbox easily.

Q: Who are your workers?
A: We have our very own full time distributors to handle our entire distribution job.

Q: What is your workforce?
A: We have a total of FOUR (4) Teams [each team consisting SEVEN to EIGHT (7-8) distributors and headed by ONE (1) supervisor cum van driver].

Q: How do you go about distributing the leaflets?
A: Our teams travel to the distribution areas by vans and then the supervisor will drop the distributors at certain roads in the garden. He will then supply the leaflets and monitor the distributors till the entire garden is completed before going to the next garden.

Q: How are we assured that you will really distribute the leaflets?
A: We will give you a timing schedule on the areas, date and time we are covering in advance. Also the supervisors mobile number is given so that you can keep track where are we distributing and also spot check on them if you wish. We believe this is the best method because we really are transparent in our distribution.

Q: What are your coverage areas?
A: We cover the entire Klang Valley and also selected major out station towns like Kuantan, Malacca, Seremban and Ipoh.

Q: Can the customers book their preferred dates for distribution?
A: Yes, we will book your dates but an advance notice of One week is required for our planning purposes.

Q: How do we book your services?
A: To confirm your booking you can call us in advance by phone after which you will need to send the materials to our office at least Two days before drop date.